Practical Tips on Weibo Marketing 101

Practical Tips on Weibo Marketing 101

Practical Tips on Weibo Marketing 101

You’ve just set up your Weibo account and customized it to look perfect. Next step — getting your name out! Here are some tips to make the most of marketing on Weibo:


1. Every post has a 140 character limit

Just like Twitter, Weibo has a limit for the number of characters you can write on a post. You want to keep posts as on point and concise as possible to make the content more digestible. 140 words in Chinese can end up being a very long paragraph so we recommend keeping it below 70 characters in Chinese.

2. Always choose videos over images:

Videos generate more views than images on Weibo. If you can post a video instead of an image, post the video. if you can post images instead of words, post images. Movement and sound in a video play a significant role in conveying an efficient message and helps users retain visual content better.

3. Best time to post is 6PM-11PM:

According to studies done by Weibo, 2PM — 3PM has the highest number of posts by businesses but traditional has a very low engagement due to users being at work and not being able to check their phones as often.

We suggest that the best time to post is from 6PM-11PM China time where users have gotten off work and have time to look at their phones during dinner or at home.

4. Place an ad in 1 out of 10 posts

Posting the right kind of ad, whether in the form of a direct ad, campaign ad, or indirect ad, should increase your conversion rate. However, too many ads will reduce the quality of your content and will potentially lose you followers. Therefore, we recommend that for every one ad that you post, you should have at least 10 other quality posts.

5. Acquire initial followers

A large follower base is an essential prerequisite for those looking to increase their brand awareness on Weibo, so growing followers is a primary goal for your initial Weibo marketing strategy.

Don’t expect users to find and follow your account on their own. Start with your pre-established connections. You can also boost your followers here at

6. Provide valuable content.

You want to present information people want. It should entertain and inform, hopefully on a topic related to your product or service. The four main types of content that are usually well received by Chinese users on Weibo are:

  • News
  • Entertainment
  • Quality informercials or infographics: these two forms are very effective in grabbing viewers’ attention and brings them value as it often contains useful information.
  • Reposts from other accounts that have interesting posts related to your business. Keep the reposts to roughly 1 in 10 posts or else it will affect the quality of your brand image.

7. Create your own Hashtag

Similar to Instagram, hashtags on Weibo help increase engagement and visibility on social media. They are a funnel to your business, but you also need to be careful not to add more than 3 hashtags. You should always have your brand at the end or in the text to build your keyword search e.g. #ChinaSEO# (hashtags on Weibo use two #’s)

8. Tag other accounts. @Users

You can tag other accounts and users with the @ symbol to grab their attention. Keep this at 1–3 tags per post to prevent user fatigue.


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