What is a WeChat Official Account and Why Do I Need One?

What is a WeChat Official Account and Why Do I Need One?

What is a WeChat Official Account and Why Do I Need One?

Business accounts for WeChat Explained

What is a WeChat Official Account?

WeChat Official Accounts are a mini-website with blog pages: they are an interface a brand can use to:

  • Gain followers
  • Send users push notifications
  • Redirect users to a website, e-commerce shop or allow them to purchase directly through the app

WeChat Official Accounts appear in the chat list of WeChat along with all your other contact messages. Users can open the official account to access customized information through the bottom menu interface. Push notifications are messages that pop up on the user’s chat and show up at any time when the official account sends a message.

Why are WeChat Official Accounts important for businesses?

WeChat isn’t just a messaging app like WhatsApp or Facebook. It’s an all-in-one app that combines features such as an online payments system, micro-blogging, ride-hailing services, online shops, official company accounts, advertising options, mini-games and more. This app embeds all the most important functions that Chinese people use. In addition, the number of monthly active WeChat users totals 1.05 billion people in 2018. This is a huge potential for any businesses that are looking to attain new clients.

As a mobile application, any information put up on WeChat official accounts can be expected to reach the user sooner as most people have quicker access to a mobile phone than a laptop or PC.

The number one reason why it is important for businesses in China is that it is extremely easy for businesses to open an account on WeChat. WeChat allows businesses to open an account and gain followers at zero cost.

  • Companies can post daily updates to the users’ chats in the form of a blog post, video, infographic, or photos.
  • Customers can pay for goods and services directly through their WeChat store with one click.
  • Companies have access to quality data which they can analyse to optimize their brand.
  • Businesses with 100,000 followers or more are allowed to purchase ads and promote their accounts, products, and services further.

Want to open your WeChat Official Account now? Find out how to sign up in our blog here

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